Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife

Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife

Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife

Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife 2015/2016 – Reviews

The best all around fixed blade knife are now available in many types and shapes, giving you a lot of options. As much as the options are, you may be overwhelmed by those many knives you may end up buying one randomly and found out later that the one you are buying is not suitable with your purpose. This is when a little research should be done to help you to find the right one. You can read some as reviews the first step of your finding. You will next have standard and valuable information you get from the reviews, so you will be closer to your most suitable knife.

Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife Types in the Market

About the types, there are indeed many types available. The type may also be differed based on its shape, feature, size or the blade. From the blade, there are two types of knife; the fixed and folding knife. From the shape, you can find the round knife. The size are also various, so you can choose one that will be suitable for the purpose of the knife.

List of Recommended Best All Around Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv Classic No 1 Utility Knife

This knife comes from Morakniv. It is a traditional utility or craft knife which blade is carbon steel. This knife has a handle of red ochre birch and comes with plastic sheath with a belt clip. For the measurement, this knife total length is 7.8″ and 3.9″ on the blade length. This knife is priced $11.05.

Cold Steel Bushman Black SK-5 Steel Knife

This knife is a fixed blade with 12.25″ on overall length and 7.00″ on the blade length. This blade is made from black SK5 material and it has plain edge. You can get this knife by buying $30.39.

Mora Craftline All Around 746 Knife

This one is a type of fixed bladed knife which blade is made of stainless steel. For the handle, it has rubber blue trim on it and it is designed in texture. It also comes with black plastic sheath with drain hole, and this knife os priced $13.95.

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