Top 7 Best Stiletto Knife of 2015/2016 Under 100

Best Stiletto Knife

Best Stiletto Knife

The 7 Best Stiletto Knife of 2015/2016 Under 100 – Stiletto Knives Reviews

Today, knife is not only made from those who stay in the kitchen because in further development, knife is also used for protecting ourselves. We do not know whether the condition in our environment will always be safe like the time when we feel comfort with it. Sometimes, condition can change drastically when there is someone who unfortunately makes a crime to you and you have to protect yourself. Now, when you want to have knife for protecting yourself and cutting random stuff from the environment, the list of best stiletto knife below will give you great benefits for having safe life.

Case Cutlery 07200 Executive Lockback Pocket Knife

Now, for the first name in the list, the Case Cutlery 07200 Executive Lockback Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blade Metal is the best choice for simple knife. This knife is made in a locking drop point that will be easy to be folded and putted in our pocket. The sharpness of this knife is really reliable as it comes with the design of Tru-sharp surgical steel blade. This real switchblade will surely make you get many benefits whether for slicing stuff or protecting yourself from danger like animal attack or bandits. This knife is really favorable for its comfort and portability in the pocket.

MTech USA MT-317 Folding Tactical Knife

When you want to have great design of the stiletto knife, I will gladly recommend the MTech USA MT-317 Folding Tactical Knife, Stiletto Point Blade, Black Aluminum Handle, 5-Inch Closed for you. This great blade comes with elegant look because it is made from black stainless steel. The black look which comes with masculine design makes this one of the best switchblade knives become favorable among youth. The length does not really suit in our pocket because in closed state, its length is 5 inch. You can put it between your pants and belts or in your bag as emergency weapons or tools.

Godfather Milano Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Then, when you want to have pocket knife for your safety knife, the 7.25 Inch Godfather Milano Spring Assisted Pocket Knife with White Pearl Handle & Black Blade is the other option that you can take. This knife comes in 7.25 inch for the overall length and 3.75 inch in folded form. The black blade is made from the 1045 surgical steel that will provide extremely sharp edge. When you want a fine knife and great stiletto Milano knife, you should grab this knife as soon as possible. The folding design of this knife also comes with clip so this knife is ready to be used once you push the clip.

Case Cutlery 02802 Peanut Pocket Knife

The next best stiletto knife which comes with two blades is the Case Cutlery 02802 Peanut Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades, Blue Bone. This knife comes from USA and you know that the knife from that country will never let you down. The Tru-sharp surgical steel featured in its blade will surely give the best sharpness in its material. The clip knife and pen knife will surely give you double utility from this knife. This stiletto knife amazon is really favored by many people and becomes best selling. The handle itself comes with really comfortable design as it is made in curved form which is fit perfectly in hand. The blue color of the handle makes this knife look cooler too.

Case Cutlery 81090 Pen Pocket Knife

Case 81090 Yellow 32087 SS Pen Knife
List Price: $38.99
Price: $38.99
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Do you want a durable stiletto knife with double blades? The Case Cutlery 81090 Pen Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades Yellow Synthetic will be the most suitable choices for that desire. The material which is made from white stainless steel in high quality will ensure the strength of the blades against weather or crash. In the stiletto knife sale with double blades, this knife is the most favorable one for its efficiency of design and the durability that it offers. The handle comes with enchanting yellow color which provides dynamic design which is comfortable in our hand. The blades are placed in both ends of the blade so you have to switch handle when you want to change the blades.

MTech USA MT-343 Tactical Folding Knife

Looking stylish with stiletto knife is not an impossible thing when you have MTech USA MT-343 Tactical Folding Knife, Black Blade, Simulated Mother of Pearl Handle, 4-Inch Closed. The stylish part is the pearl handle which is attached in the blade. Then, the black stainless steel makes an elegant look in the blade too. The overall length of this knife is 7.25 inch with 2 7/8 inch for the blade. The easiness for pulling the blade comes from the thumb stud that will make you have one click for pulling the blade. This knife is cheap switchblades that provide good durability for more savings in your pocket.

Case Cutlery 07205 Executive Lockback Pocket Knife

Now, the last best stiletto knife that we will talk about is the Case Cutlery 07205 Executive Lockback Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blade Metal. This is the most excellent pocket knife that you can have as it is made from the great stainless steel. This blade is also best switchblade with winning award in the manufacturing design. The price may be a little bit expensive but the lifetime warranty will surely make you get more additional advantages from knife. The structure of the knife is sturdy and light that makes a great comfort in our hand so, when you need practice knife, this knife is the best choice.